New Jersey Real Estate Law

Whether selling or buying real estate, knowing NJ real estate laws is important to help you to make the right legal decisions. The first thing you need to do if you are selling is get an attorney. The attorney’s job is to review your contract and help you to make any revisions necessary to ensure it is legally binding.

The Law Firm of Chiarolanza, DeAngelis and DiGiacomo have been handling real estate transactions for the past 35 years. Our practice focuses on all types of real estate transactions from the purchase or sale of a home to complex commercial real estate transactions. This firm has handled thousands of closings in Morris County and the surrounding area. We also handle the closing of title and closing of loans for residential and commercial mortgages. We are experienced in title transactions and work closely with the title company to clear any legal issues.

Real Estate Lawyer in Morris County

New Jersey Homestead Laws

In New Jersey, homestead protection law comes from the federal government. This allows homeowners who are threatened with foreclosure or eviction to remain in their homes in some certain cases.

New Jersey Adverse Possession Laws

Adverse possession law in the state of New Jersey may allow individuals who publicly inhabit and improve a home or other residence to obtain title to that property.

New Jersey Lease and Rental Agreement Laws

New Jersey law governs tenant-landlord relationships, which are formed contractually through rental or lease agreements; and include valuable information about security deposit limits, prohibited forms of discrimination, and much more.

Some of the most common types of New Jersey Property and Real Estate Laws are:

  • New Jersey Adverse Possession Laws
  • New Jersey Leases and Rental Agreements Laws
  • Property Line and Fence Laws in New Jersey
  • New Jersey Security Deposit Laws
  • New Jersey Civil Statute of Limitations Laws
  • New Jersey Homestead Laws
  • New Jersey Tenant Rights Laws

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